What is Zaklabs?


What is ZakLabs? It is the place where we create costumes and props that blossom from the creative ideas of our creative team, it’s a place where others come for crafting and building and learning, and it’s a place where everyone is welcome! 

Yes we are a crazy bunch. its kinda like those dreaded family photos…only we get to go home at the end of the day. Tobias…go home….now!




Why Zak labs? A funny story. I have been involved with puppetry most of my life, as a master puppeteer, designer, writer, producer, director, stage and lighting designer, costume and prop designer and builder…and any other hat that came along that I need to wear. Along the way we found a growing need to create our own “stuff”…and thus was born “ZakLabs”! And now…as I am involved with cosplay and character developement in gaming, videos and movies, ZakLabs is the place where it all happens!