The Wing Shell

For as long as there have been birds to watch, people have wanted wings, to soar majestically  in the skies.

And with Cosplay it’s no different!

We all love a beautiful set of finely crafted wings in cosplay costumes, depicting some wonderful hero, villain or creature of myth, stories, comics, books or movies. The biggest problem that we have is that since we are mere mortal humans, (or not mutants!) we kinda lack the physiology to grow or support wings! So we have settled for straps, back packs, boards and all sorts of strange contraptions to hold our creative endeavors in place. And, after a while of wearing these contraptions, we realize our bodies get sore from these straps, belts, buckles, boards and packs that we are hauling around. Even I had a set of 9ft wings that were a pain to wear for multiple hours at a con.  I mean, costumes are not meant to be comfortable to wear…or are they?





The Wing Shell!

A compact and comfortable body backpack/shell that allows you to wear wings, costume backpacks, body expansions (and other things you want to attach to your body). The Wing Shell can be worn for hours in comfort, style, with little distraction to your costume… and helping your body stay away from annoying and sometimes hurtful back pain. The Wing Shell is made of a tough exterior shell of closed-cell polyvinyl chloride (PVC) extruded plastic with a soft interior layer of 1/4″ Professional EVA foam for super comfort! The Wing Shell‘s interior and the foundation for its strength and durability is framework constructed of Aircraft grade aluminum. Each Wing Shell is is created uniquely for your body as we measure and fit each unit to the user’s body measurements. When you put it on, it will “snap” to your body, one strap to secure it, soft shoulder supports…and your wings (or other attachments) will stay snug and tight on you in comfort! Plus the Wing Shell was designed for Women in mind and their costumes (who were 75% of the cosplay wings out there) so you can hide the Wing Shell under your existing costume and come away with the effect of basically not having a clumsy or bulky backpack that we are so accustomed to seeing on many cosplay costumes with wings. No one will even see how your wings are attached giving the effect that yes, those wings sprouted and grew right out of your back!

PLUS…..We are now offering Shoulder Support Kits! Check out our page on the Shoulder support kits and include one or two with your order and save on shipping!



 Ordering your own Wing Shell

Each custom Wing Shell is only $125

You can order them from our store right now! Click here!


In addition, once you put in your order, send me an email with the form below, tell me what you are building or what you want to do with the Wing Shell, let me know if there are any special requirements or additional acceessories you want. Or any other details or concerns you might have. I will also need your mailing address so I can send you a measuring kit. Thanks!

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    The idea is fairly simple! You build a set of wings on a back plate or foundation of your choice The ideal size is 12″ x 12″ or smaller but larger ones have been used successfully. Then you bolt your wings and the plate onto the Wing Shell. The Wing Shell, custom fit to your body, then allows you to wear the wing in comfort, style and with minimal amounts of any distraction from your costume or attire. Below is a video showing how it works and the stability of the Wing Shell when it is being worn.


    Here’s a short video of how the wing shell works…and a cool video of a large set of wings being used with the Wing Shell. Wing Shell and wings.

    When you order the Wing Shell you will first get a measuring kit. Here is a short video to help understand how to use the kit.
    Although instructions are included, sometimes seeing a visual of it helps!

    How to use the measuring kit!


    Will the Wing Shell fit any wings?

    • Yes the Wing Shell will fit any size wings. I can make some custom adjustments for you if you want the whole shell smaller or shorter bolts or the like, but generally, any size of wings should fit just fine!

    How much does the Wing Shell Weigh?

    • Only 2lbs!

    If I don’t live close to you, how do you get a custom fit?

    • I have a body sizing and fitting kit that I send out that get the exact measurements, size and shape of your body.

    Can I get any customizations on the Wing Shell?

    • There are some customizations that I can do like snaps for additional armor or straps for holding things in place or on your body. There is a small fee for additional add-ons. When you order your Wing Shell let me know what you need and I can put a price together for the additions.

    Does the Wing Shell come in any color other than Black?

    • White or black. Or any other color as long as it white or black.

    What else can I do with a Wing Shell besides attach my wings?

    • The Wing Shell is a great platform for heavy bulky items that you need to secure to your body. A large back pack, weird mechanical arms (like Doc Oct in Spider man), support for armor sets…etc.

    What does a Wing Shell cost?

    • The basic cost of each Wing Shell is only $75 plus shipping. Additional custom add-ons are extra and can be estimated out once I know what you want.

    How Quickly can i get a Wing Shell made?

    • Once I get the measuring kit back, each wing shell take about a week to make. Plus shipping to where ever you live.

    Where do you ship to?

    • Currently to the USA and Canada.

    What happens if the Wing Shell doesn’t fit?

    • I will cover the cost of shipping and get the Wing Shell back and fix it! You just tell me what doesn’t work and I can make it work for you!