You love to craft and build things. Perhaps you are a cosplayer or work for a theater company, maybe you own a creative shop or you and your kids make things. How ever you craft and build things, the family of CosBond will give you new tools to use and allow you to create faster, safer and with more confidence.
The family of Cosbond contains 4 products: Attach & Build, REINFORCER,  EL & LED Wire Manager, and the Health Pack.

Attach & Build is a new adhesive for cosplay, theater and other creative builders that provides an instant, strong, reliable bond to many types of materials. It works great on EVA foam, XPS foam, Worbla, Sintra, Cloth, Wood, thermal plastics and even metals. There are no fumes and no sticky mess so its safe for everyone!










REINFORCER uses the same reliable adhesive as the Attach & Build, but is backed back a nearly indestructible synthetic material. It provides you with a strong and flexible material for uses in seams, hinges, attaching straps and other places where a tough and strong covering material is required. It is available in both Black and White.







EL & LED Wire Management is for use when you need a clear adhesion method for those exterior lights on your costume. Whether it is EL wire or LED lighting, the CosBond EL & LED Wire Management system is the best solution. It has the same great adhesion as the Attach & Build, but it has tough clear center area that covers your lights and wires but is nearly invisible in the dark. Plus you can also use it inside your costume when you need to direct and control the placement of wires and lighting.







Health Pack is a life saver when your costume needs repairs on the con floor or perhaps at the important photoshoot. You get an assortment of both Attach & Build and REINFORCER sheets, plus an added bonus of a EL & LED Wire Management strip to help you quickly and permanently repair your costume on the spot!