New Creations for 2018

This year was pretty busy but we did manage to crank out a few items at Zaklabs! 

The first was a costume made for Hannah. It was a a skin of Nova from StarCraft used in the game OverWatch. We had the body syite costume printed for her and then sewed it together for a nice fit. We then added body armor made of EVA foam with LED lights added behind blue translucent patterned plastic. The gun is a 3D printed prop created by Billythebrick Cosplay. this was con crunch creation as we built it in a week before ECCC this year! We really need to plan better! 


After watching the newest Marvel Avenger Movie, Infinity War, I just had to make a StormBreak Axe. It was solely for fun and to show what we could create. It was a huge hit and everybody loves it! I first designed it all out on the computer in Adobe AI. Then i transferred that to our laser cutter and cut out all the individual pieces from EVA foam. Next came assembly and finishing…and wow! It looks amazing! Thanks to the team at Zaklabs who helped put it together! (and yes it’s a real wooden handle. I had an old walking staff sitting around and we used that!) 

Next in line was a commission job from my friend Justin Hunt for a Dragon mascot for a children’s museum in Southern CA. It’s constructed from open cell 1″ foam with plastic hoops inside to give it structure. The skin is blue and orange fleece. the head is actually attached to the wearer’s head and can move around with his/her head. I think the kids will love him! Or is it a her? 

One of our artistic associated, Hannah Ferguson, created this next prop. She was going to a Renaissance fair and wanted to go as a barbarian. And what proper barbarian doesn’t have a large axe? It’s made again fro EVA foam all computer designed and laser cut. While the letters are engraved with the laser, all the detail work is created by hand using the heated tinfoil method. The handle is the rest of the wooden handle left over from the StormBreak Axe! She finished it with weathering and leather details. 

Last on our list this year was another commission job for client. It Laura Craft’s bow from the game Shadow of theTomb Raider. the bow is all crafted from cherry and pine wood, sealed and painted first with a white base and then with a custom brown paint. the drawing on the bow are all hand craved through the brown paint to show white and wood underneath the brown surface. Hemp twine was used in various thicknesses on either end for embellishments and the handle was wrapped with hemp twine as well. the bow can be disassembled at the handle for ease of packing and travel. 

We probably have more to create this year as we are always on the lookout for creative and interesting builds and commissions! If you want something built, let us know and we can build your next epic costume or prop!