New Creations for 2016

Every year i get the chance to build and create new costumes and props. This year is highlighted with two great costumes: Crossbones from Marvel’s Captain America Civil War movie, and Soldier 76 from Blizzard Entertainment’s newest Game, Overwatch. Both has their share of complexities, challenges, new things to learn and amazing final products. Here are the over views of both projects.

This is my first new build of the year, Crossbones, from the newest Marvel movie, Civil War. Crossbones is a member of Hydra and Captain America’s arch enemy! The helmet is 3d printed, solid armor pieces are vacuformed, built mainly out of 1/8″ Styrene. all of the smaller pieces are built out of either styrene or PVC sheet plastic (Sintra). Some of the clothing is purchased and then modified, like the camo pants, and other pieces are purely fabricated, like the Molle vest and armor vest. Build time was about 75 hours total over several months. Material and time costs put this one at about $1,500. This one is available for commission as well. Contact me if you would like one built for yourself!

P1070601 P1070605 P1070627 P1070703 P1070706 P1070709 P1070717 P1070718 P1070744 P1070746 P1070712-Edit P1070609-Edit-Edit


Soldier 76:
Blizzard Entertainment released a block-buster game this year, Overwatch. One of the characters of the game is called Soldier 76, a founding member of a group of protectors of man-kind called Overwatch. This creation took a couple of months to build and included a 17 piece 3D printed gun which had to be assembled and finished, boot shells, a gun, holster, ammo packs and belt, arm bio packs, the 76 jacket and the Mask (with cool-neon ribbon lighting). The final build was game accurate and well received by game fans all over the place. The greatest challenge for me on this build was working with 17 3D printed pieces and getting them to all assemble and line up perfectly and then to finish it so as to look like one finished piece. Over-all I was very pleased and will be brining this character to many cons in the future!

 IMG_1610IMG_1608 IMG_1600 IMG_1602 IMG_1604 IMG_1571IMG_1606 IMG_1555 IMG_1571