New Cosplay Creations for 2017

This year has brought some fun and yet very challenging builds to the studio. The biggest and most challenging was recreating a character from a book a friend –  of mine is writing. The book, “A Night’s Terror” is about a young girl, ShiFira,  who’s family and the land they live in is being besieged and terrorized by demons. The god take notice of them and the girl is give the power of the sun to combat the demons with. I was originally take with the drawing Rachel did several years back and i knew one day I’d build that armor set. 2017 was the year! We purchased a laser cutter/engraver which made it all possible! The basic build is all made of EVA foam, both Y40 and Y60 professional grade foam. The Sun Axe, with a core handle of wood and aluminum, is also built mainly from EVA foam. Enjoy!


ShiFira  (photos take by Michael Brunk, NWlens)

Here is an image of the original drawing done by Rachel Beck of the character – ShiFira.