It been a long haul but we can finally announce our new product! CosBond! It a super cool new adhesive that is instant, strong, and mess free! Plus its totally safe with no harmful fumes or toxicity! We have 4 different products we are selling: Attach and Build, your basic adhesive material for assembling jsut about anything. The REINFORCER, using the same amazing adhesive but backed with a nearly indestructable synthetic covering. We are also selling the EL & LED wire manager – for adhering and managing all your lighting and wire management needs. Plus the health pack…like having a cosplay hospital in your back pocket! It works on almost every material we have tested including steel! And you can adhere velcro, and straps with ease. We tested straps attached with Attach & Build and REINFORCER and it pull tested at 100lbs! Talk about crazy strong! We will be selling it starting march 1st and we will also be at ECCC at booth #103. Come and check it out!



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