Capes for Kids!

This Christmas season I am kicking off my Capes for Kids project. A while back a friend of mine asked me if, being a cosplay builder, I could make a super hero sea hawked themed cape for a little boy dying of cancer. I immediately said yes and got to work on it. Never having create a super hero cape before it was a bit of a learning experience. Even so it turn out pretty good and I had a blast making this little boy’s day! Fast forward to the current month, she come back and asks again for two more, this time for foster kids. I quickly run out to my vortex fabric store, Joann’s Fabric, and get he needed materials and logos and head back the sewing machine, scissors and thread. In short while, using the experience of the first one, I had two more in hand. The results were much more professional and so I thought…”Hey, why not do this for other kids!”. And thus, Capes for Kids was born. I am sure I am not the first person to make capes for kids, but it’s what I can do to help a child in need of a smile and a “super hero” day. Here are some of the images of the capes. If you would like to sponsor a cape for a kid, its is only $45 per cape…either blue or red. You can find more details on the Cape for kids page on my site.

Capes for kids! 




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