Hello cosplay world!

Welcome to my world, the world of ZakLabs…where I love to build into reality from the dreams of fantasies and make-believe! Whether it’s from a video game, a movie or comic book, I love a good challenge of building that next epic costume or prop. So what’s next? Pax prime is over and there is a slew of other cons coming and going. RCCC, SLCC, GGC and so many others. I have my eyes set on Next Spring which will bring to Seattle ECCC. My goal is to create…well…it s secret for now! 

Also coming up is a series of videos for building tips and tricks covering all those tricky things you have been dying to learn. And not what I think you need, but I will be having special guest who also want to learn and will ask those questions going around in your head! I will be covering EVA foam, Thermal plastic, LED lighting and more. And hopefully we can all learn more about building that next epic costume!~ 


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